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'Clever undercurrents of meaning... clean writing that showed artful attention to language and sensory description'
- Nicola Redhouse, author of Unlike the Heart: a memoir of brain and mind

'[Deller’s work is] exemplary, straddling both creative and scholarly elements that coalesce to form a cohesive, topical and holistic discussion concerning creativity and grief. The author’s reflections upon the process of moving beyond creative paralysis – and, subsequently, upon writing through loss – is compelling, relatable and inspiring... this is an outstanding, provocative and moving work'
- Dr Eileen Herbert-Goodall

'... a fabulous host with insightful, intelligent questions which were a joy to answer'

- Ellis Gunn, author of Rattled

‘Marina is an extremely engaged, highly efficient, and motivated teacher: her approach is always student-centred, considerate and well-considered… I admire Marina’s professional yet warm and friendly approach… and I am constantly impressed by her commitment to excellence’
- Associate Professor Lisa Bennett

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