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Hi! I'm Marina Deller, an Adelaide-based writer, academic, creative, and critic. I have a PhD in Creative Writing (Life Writing) from Flinders University where I teach and research. I am currently the 2024 Writer in Residence at The Mill in partnership with CityMag. I'm also an active member of the Life Narrative Lab.


I write creative non-fiction, essays, profiles, short stories, poetry, and hybrid works incorporating materials, art, and photography. I research grief and trauma narratives, objects-based writing, and creative higher education pedagogies.

If you'd like to read my writing or research, you can find it here. If you'd like to contact me regarding a creative project or other inquiry, please visit my Contact page.

A waist-up photograph of Marina, a white person with mid-length blonde hair. Marina is wearing glasses and smiling.

Photograph by Morgan Sette courtesy of The Mill

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