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Creative & non-fiction writing

'Dresses, heavy with water' - short memoir, Westerly online, 2023.

'The Wardrobe' - visual memoir, Baby Teeth Journal, 2022.

'Tadpoles' - poem, painted on the streets of Adelaide as part of Raining Poetry in Adelaide, 2022.

'Compulsory heterosexuality and the healing power of queer historical fiction' - personal essay, Archer Magazine online, 2022.

'Nostos' - short story, Voiceworks, 2022

'Dead Meat' - short story, Stringybark Stories anthology The Mirror, 2021

'Storm Water' - poem, Speakeasy Flinders Zine vol. 9, 2018

‘The First Christmas Without Mum' - essay, Empire Times, 2017

Academic work

'Field Culture in Unprecedented Times: Writing the Unexpected, Narrating the Future at a Virtual Conference' - journal article, Life Writing, 2024.

'The Same Self/ie: Blurring Academic, Creative, and Personal Identity through the Taking and Sharing of Self-Portraits' - chapter in an edited collection, Career Narratives of Academic Womanhood, 2023.

'“Show and Tell”: The Risks and Rewards of Personal-Object-Based Learning' - journal article, a/b: Auto/Biography Studies, 2023

'Reading Objects, Watching YouTube, Writing Biography, and Teaching Life Writing: Student Engagement When Learning Online During Covid-19' - co-authored journal article, Life Writing, 2022


General audience

''Toxic positivity' is out: welcome to the new world of indulgent pettiness' - article, The Conversation, 2024.


''The hardest and most beautiful conversation I’ve ever had': how end-of-life storytelling on TikTok helps us process death' - co-authored article with Edith Hill, The Conversation, 2023.

'Friday essay: 1 in 25 Australians have been estranged from their families. True stories about this can make people feel less alone' - article, The Conversation, 2022.

'How to write about broken trust in a memoir? Janine Mikosza’s Homesickness maps trauma in bold new ways' - review, The Conversation, 2022

'Brittany Higgins’ memoir will join a powerful Australian collection reclaiming women’s stories of trauma. Here are four.' - article, The Conversation, 2021

'Book Review: The Morbids' - review, InDaily, 2021

2024 Writer in Residence at The Mill in partnership with CityMag

Shortlisted for the Kat Muscat Fellowship, 2024

Island View Writers House Emerging Writer Residency, 2023.

Short memoir 'Dresses, heavy with water' Highly Commended, AAWP/Westerly Magazine Life Writing Prize, 2022

Casual Academic Teaching Award, College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, Flinders University, 2021

Three Minute Thesis heat one winner & university finalist, Flinders University, 2021


Short story ‘Nostos’ Highly Commended, Rachel Funari Prize for Fiction, 2021


Best creative/hybrid postgraduate paper, Australasian Association of Writing Programs ‘Rising Tides’, 2020


Short story ‘Dead Meat’ First Place Fiction Prize, Empire Times Creative Competition, 2018


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